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Lorrie Morgan

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ANR is an innovative and aggressive record label that maximizes exposure for each of its artists.

"We are very excited to merge today's new technology with the creativity of making great music, and then getting it to the fans." Rick Stevens, CEO.



    No company can succeed without a clear vision. A good vision not only keeps a mutual end goal in sight, it creates a pathway for the journey. It keeps everyone headed in the same direction, while also allowing them to look around to get-and keep-their bearings.

    A good vision stirs the creative juices and excites all who are a part of it.


    ANR understands that the traditional record label model of the last century no longer works, so we develop unique strategies and inventive methods of creating win-win situations for our artists.

    ANR also aggressively pursues opportunities to maximize exposure for its artists and excels at creative, outside-the-box thinking.


    Each ANR artist enjoys the personal attention of a diversely talented and committed staff. We understand that every artist is different, with distinct needs, so together we create a one-of-a-kind road map to get each artist's music to the public.

Rick Stevens Chief Executive Officer Email:

Rick Stevens has spent more than twenty years in the music industry in the areas of concert promotion and production, record label management, publishing, recording artist, songwriter, road manager, record producer, and sponsorship acquisition. He also handled marketing in both the entertainment arena and in corporate America. Additionally, Rick has promoted concerts featuring artists such as Alabama, Hank Jr., Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, The Judds, Steve Wariner, George Jones, Marty Stuart, Tracy Byrd, Bryan White, Johnny Rodriguez, Lone Star, Ricochet, Clint Black, Wynonna, Merle Haggard, Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus, and many others.

David Vercruysse Chief Operating Officer Email:

David Vercruysse has more than twenty-five years of experience in music and television. He has worked as chief executive officer for celebrities such as Mickey Gilley and Moe Bandy, and has also worked with entertainers such as Eddie Rabbit, Johnny Lee, and Mel Tillis, to name a few. David has also served as CEO of Gilley’s Texas Cafes and Mickey Gilley Entertainment, and brings extensive leadership skills to ANR.

Lisa Wysocky President Email:

Lisa Wysocky is a former entertainment journalist who headed a Nashville entertainment-based public relations and management firm for close to two decades. She has worked with artists such as Johnny Paycheck, David Allan Coe, Paul Overstreet and many, many others. During her career she has also headed several record labels, worked with top songwriters, and spoken at a number of music industry conferences.


ANR is primarily a record label dedicated to producing incredible music. But, it sometimes is in the best interests of our artists to assist them in other ways as well. While not every act will need all of our services, ANR is available to assist our select national and strong regional recording and touring artists with the following areas of their career.

  • Artist Development

    ANR can help our younger, emerging acts move up the career ladder with an extensive array of artist development services. From photography to media training, from imaging to learning the ins and outs of the music business, ANR can be there every step of the way.

  • Record Label

    Our foundation. We are fully committed to the music and here is where it all comes together. From song selection to the recording process to getting our artist’s music in the hand of their fans, our dedicated team gets it done.

  • Artist Management

    There is far more to a career than the recording studio. Our staff can lead our artist’s career in the direction of their goals, and assist with legal and business management, accounting, career direction, and all the other things that are key to keeping an artist’s career flowing smoothly.

  • Music Publishing

    From administration to being sure our artists royalties are getting to them in a timely manner, ANR can handle the intricate paperwork that is critical to music publishing.

  • Marketing

    Building a brand for an artist is more important than ever and ANR can assist in logo development; promotional written, audio and video pieces; sponsorships; and more

  • Music Videos

    Our award winning in-house video production studio can create masterful concept or concert videos, DVDs, and other AV products that will further our artist’s careers.

  • Concert Booking and Promotion

    We love artists who tour and can strategically help our artists plan and develop a tour that best suits their needs. From securing venues to booking dates, to getting the word out, our team works hard to create the best live dates possible.

A good vision not only keeps a mutual end goal in sight, it creates a pathway for the journey. It keeps everyone looking in the same direction, while also allowing them to look around to get, and keep, their bearings. A good vision stirs the creative juices and excites all who are a part of it.

With that in mind, we offer you our vision, and our mission statement.

Succinctly stated, our mission is: To offer existing national and strong, emerging regional recording and touring artists the means and opportunity to succeed in today’s musical environment.

But our vision is so much more. In our sights is a company that offers its artists integrity and honorable business practices. We put forth our best efforts to work as a team with our artists to see our mutual goals through to fruition. We use our experience and contacts to guide our artists musically, and in any other areas of their career that they desire to pursue. And, all of this is wrapped in the true excitement of fresh and innovative music.